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H.E. the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu

Zambia at a Glance

Location:    South Central Africa. It is bordered by Angola 1,065 km; Botswana 0.15 km; Democratic Republic of the Congo 2,332 km; Malawi 847 km; Mozambique 439 km; Namibia 244 km; Tanzania 353 km; and, Zimbabwe 763 km.

Climate:    Three seasons: warm wet season (Nov-April); cool dry season (May-August); hot dry season (Sept-October)

Area:         752,618 Square Kilometres

Capital City:    Lusaka

Population:   14 million (2010 census); 15 million (2015 estimate)

Population Growth:    2.88% (2015 est.)
Official Language:     English

Major Economic
Activities:   Mining, Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Manufacturing and Tourism.

Currency:        Zambian Kwacha
Inflation Rate:    7.9% (2014 est.)

Gross Domestic Product:   GDP at official ecchange rate: $26.76 billion (2014 est.); GDP (PPP) $61.05 billion; GDP composition, by sector of origin: agriculture: 10.8%; industry: 32.9%; services: 56.3%.

GDP per Capita:      $4 100, PPP (2014 est.)
GDP real Growth Rate:    5.4% (2014 est.)

Traditional Exports:   Copper, Cobalt, Electricity, Tobacco, Cotton, Timber, Floriculture/Horticultural products, Gemstones, Cement and Textiles.

Major Export destinations: Switzerland 23.4%, China 14.1%, Democratic Republic of the Congo 13.4%, South Africa 6.1%, UAE 4.9% (2014)

Major imports:    Crude oil, Chemicals, Medicines, Machinery, Iron, Steel, Manufactured goods, Transportation equipment, Fertilizer and Clothing.

Import sources:    South Africa 31.3%, Democratic Republic of the Congo 18.7%, China 9.3%, Kenya 8.3%, Algeria 5.9%, India 4.4% (2014).



Information on Dual Citizenship

Dear Zambians and friends of Zambia in the Nordic and Baltic Countries:

The Embassy of the Republic of Zambia wishes to announce the receipt of Regulations guiding application for Dual Citizenship.

In this regard, all interested individuals are advised to contact the Embassy for more information through our email address: info@zambiaembassy.se. and / or access the full details of the regulations here.

kind regards
Zambia Embassy / Stockholm

Welcome to the Embassy of Zambia in Stockholm.
The embassy of Zambia in Stockholm, Sweden was a hive of activities in the last week of January commencing the date of 25th. Zambia’s Finance Minister Hon. Felix Mutati led a high-powered ‘economic diplomacy’ delegation on behalf of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to the Scandinavian economic hub.  

Relations between Zambia and Sweden have peaked since President Lungu’s re-election. We bring you some high lights in pictures starting from hon Mutati meeting senior diplomats at the embassy of Zambia in Sweden, as introduced by our Charge d’ Affaires Mr Anthony Mukwita.

We also bring you some news stories that accompanied the high powered visit that saw hon. Mutati meet a number of high ranking Swedish Cabinet Ministers, including Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan and officials from Business Sweden to mention but a few.

Zambia is seeking greater corporation in the energy sector in order to plug a 2000 megawatt power black hole or deficit that has adversely affected industry. Zambia is also seeking enhanced corporation with Sweden and other partners in order to boost the transport and communication sector in order to improve the movements of goods and services.

The embassy of Zambia in Sweden is your one-stop shop for enquiries on Trade Corporation and greater economic diplomacy in line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs drive to boost trade via Zambian missions abroad.

Your feedback is important to us on the contact numbers and email addresses provided here. We thank you.  From today on, we shall endeavour to make our website much easier to navigate and improve on information resources for you. We wish you well as we enhance economic diplomacy in 2017 and beyond.
We thank you.

Anthony Mukwita
Charge d’Affaires (a.i).


This circular supersedes any other visa circulars issued prior to it. More

N.B. Nationals who require visas prior to travel should apply for visas online for clearance. Please go to E-Visa

More Information for Zambian Citizens


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